Neck & Back Pain

At the Priebe chiropractic , we rehabilitate patients who suffer from chronic neck and low back pain. Too many people live with neck and back pain that interfere with their everyday life, creating disturbances in work and overall enjoyment of life. Neck and back pain is commonly thought to be avanti-chiropractic_fulldirectly associated with an accident, but more often than expected it occurs with a less than obvious incident, making the cause hard to determine or unknown. Conditions Priebe chiropractic commonly treats include:

Chronic (long standing) neck or back pain
Acute (recent) neck or back pain
Low back fatigue
Neck pain at work
Disc disease

Nearly 4 of 5 people experience “non-specific” low back pain, meaning an examination reveals no specific diagnosis. Prolonged low back pain causes deep stabilizing muscle groups of the back to weaken, which in turn decreases function and endurance of the spine. The spine is then susceptible to influence of smaller, overworked and tight muscle groups, and begin to “lock up” and limit normal range of motion of the spine. The multi-disciplinary concept offered at Priebe chiropractic targets all of these issues through massage, chiropractic and rehabilitation. Massage relaxes the tight overworked muscles, allowing for utmost manipulation of those areas of the spine experiencing limited range of motion, while rehabilitative exercise strengthen and stabilize the deep muscle groups, allowing for overall healthier back function and reduced pain. There is no need to wait and continue to experience frequent pack pain and limited motion, with continuous flare ups.

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