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Our Chiropractors attend multiple continuing education courses every year to better assist them in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal complaints from motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries along with general neck, back and extremity pain. Our Chiropractors before joining the Priebe chiropractic team have extensive experience with patients that were involved in motor vehicle accidents, personal injury cases, and Work Comp injuries. During their Associateship, they were responsible for the rehabilitation portion of the treatment that each patient received while being treated for his or her injuries. From their experiences in this type of clinic setting, Priebe chiropractic Chiropractors became aware of how important it is for each patient to receive rehabilitative exercises and from home exercise programs to help facilitate the healing process from injuries that are common in motor vehicle accidents, such as Whiplash, and the general pain and discomfort that is associated with being involved in a collision. Keeping with this philosophy, Priebe chiropractic Chiropractors incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach to treating every patient at Priebe chiropractic of Coeur D’Alene . When you choose to become a patient you have the option between Chiropractic care, Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy or a combination of all three. In some cases, patients may be referred to a Medical Physician for further evaluation of their complaint or injury. The multi-disciplinary concept is something new to the Inland Northwest, and Priebe chiropractic is proud to offer these services to you.

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